UK Visa for Indian Passport

A – Z of how to get the UK visa without any agents !

UK visa stands right besides the difficult to get finicky, first world visas like USA, Australia, Schengen when you have an Indian Passport ! UK tourist visa entitles you to visit England, Scotland and Northern Ireland multiple times for a 6 month duration. You can opt for long term visa too but it costs a bomb !

You definitely DO NOT need an agent and it’s no guarantee that you will get the visa if you apply through one, if you have all your documents in order and are organised, it’s a breeze.

The basic premise for getting a visa is that you should be able to prove :- Continue reading “UK Visa for Indian Passport”

Edinburgh – City of Culture

Of all the places I have traveled to, Edinburgh firmly sits on top of the list of my favorite places in the world. I happened to go to this medieval city in thick of winters with temperature ranging from -2 degrees to 5 degrees maximum with the occasional snowfall ! Continue reading “Edinburgh – City of Culture”

Scotland Photo Diary !

A collection of my favorite pictures from the Scotland Sojourn.

Am just back from a super solo trip across UK. This is a photo diary of few pictures from the 500 odd pics I have in my dropbox. Will be posting in details about my experiences, till then pics it is !

A stunning bridge near York

Continue reading “Scotland Photo Diary !”

Is there a REAL Dubai ?

Scratching beneath the surface to see if there is a soul to the Steel and Chrome City !!

Pic courtesy LConstantino

I recently read a popular travel blog’s post on why the blogger would never go back to Dubai ! The post made me reminisce about my trip to the UAE in 2007, it comes at an apt time since I will be in Dubai in 2 days for a couple of hours on my way to London. I went back in time to recollect my own thoughts and experiences of this shiny, glitzy city of oil !  Continue reading “Is there a REAL Dubai ?”

The planned city of Malaysia – Putrajaya

A detour from Capital of Malaysia to Putrajaya… the detour worth it ? Read to find out for yourself !

The intelligent city – Putrajaya

On our last day in Kuala lumpur, we had a few hours to kill till we boarded our afternoon flight to Bangkok. Not wanting to go in the city traffic we decided to take a trip to nearby city of Putrajaya. We arranged for a vehicle to take us to Putrajaya and drop us off to the airport later. I have heard that Lavasa City in India is inspired from Putrajaya. I don’t know the authenticity of this though. Continue reading “The planned city of Malaysia – Putrajaya”

My love affair with Street Food in Thailand !

An introduction to gastronomical delights in Thailand

Pic courtesy wikimedia

We have all tasted and savored the Indianised Thai cuisine like the green curry, red curry and the pad thai in India. Honestly that was the repertoire of Thai cuisine as far as I was concerned till I went to the exotic shores of Thailand ! Indians are no strangers to the concept of al fresco street food with our very own Chandni Chowks, Chappan Bazaars replete with Chole Kulche, Pav Bhaaji, Vada Pav, Mirchi Bajji and so much more. Continue reading “My love affair with Street Food in Thailand !”

4 Day Itinerary for Singapore

An all comprehensive 4 day itinerary covering all the “Must – see – in – Singapore”.

The Baby Merlion

Singapore is a glitzy, glamorous, alluring and super chic city/country !
When you are going from India especially you can’t help but notice the cleanliness, orderly roads, quite and efficient hum of the city. It’s like neatly laid out Lego blocks, everything looking pretty in it’s defined space. The city shines like a dressed up Geisha, not a hair out of place. Continue reading “4 Day Itinerary for Singapore”

Guide to Universal Studio, Singapore

A DIY guide to enjoying the Universal Studio in Singapore to the fullest without missing out the good things !

The famous Universal Globe

No trip to Singapore is complete without enjoying a day at Universal Studio, that is my firm opinion 🙂 .
Universal Studio is inside Sentosa Island but you need a full day to enjoy Universal and it has a separate ticket, not part of Sentosa entry ticket. Please don’t lump Universal trip on the same day as Sentosa if you want to enjoy full value for your money, as we Indians like to call it “Paisa Wasool” ! Continue reading “Guide to Universal Studio, Singapore”

Hongkong Visa For Indians

Getting Hongkong visa on Indian Passport demystified !!

Hongkong is a short hop, skip and jump away for Indians; umm not really it’s just a hop away but the full expression sounds better 😉 . With attractions like Disneyland and Ocean Park it’s a hit with families along with being a  shopping paradise having a mix of British and Chinese cultures, a destination with lots to offer to every type of traveler. Continue reading “Hongkong Visa For Indians”

The day I surrendered my heart to Gangtok !

Story of how Gangtok became a home for me and not a tourist hotspot 🙂

I was a 24 year old new mom who had to shift lock, stock and barrel for atleast 2.5 years to Gangtok to follow the husband’s call of duty. Sounds wow for a tourist, like a really long vacation ! But in my heart, I wasn’t ready to go, it meant quitting a well paying job and becoming a financially dependent housewife, which wasn’t appealing howsoever beautiful the place maybe ! Continue reading “The day I surrendered my heart to Gangtok !”