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I would love to get in touch with you – if my posts inspired you, or if you want to know about a place I have visited and give unbiased recommendations and reviews or simply to talk about your travel dreams !


I am open to collaborate on blogging campaigns with travel industry entities like hotels, resorts, tourism boards, travel companies which are relevant to my vision of dream travel.

I usually travel solo, like to do things which are not total tourist gimmicks and get to understand a place using its local transport, savor local food and live the authentic experiences.

When I am not traveling solo, my travels include my children who I want to see the world which is different than ours and appreciate the differences and uniqueness. They enjoy exploring the little unknown corners every new place has to offer them and assimilate them to become true global responsible citizens. I am keen on working and creating kids and family oriented travel experiences which are sadly lacking in the travel blogging sphere currently !

You can know more about me HERE . To get in touch, shoot me a mail at

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