I am a 30 something Mom of two Homo Sapien and a four legged baby, Army Wife, Engineer turned entrepreneur, globetrotter striving to strike a balance between my insatiable urge to travel, my work and family !!

As far as I can remember, I have always been on the road with a true passion for travel, I have always loved reading the hoardings and banners on the road, observing people from the window of the bus/train/car with wind playing in my hair. I am filled with excitement at the thought of packing a bag and exploring a new place, I blame my dad for bequeathing me with this constant wanderlust !

This blog fulfills my wish to share my travels and tribulations with like minded people. Being from the Armed Forces, I have traveled across the length and breadth of India extensively as well as across the globe and this is my effort to jot my experiences down before they are a figment of my imagination and wither away like a dandelion.

As Benjamin Disraeli said “Like all travelers , I have seen more than I remember ,and remember more than I have seen”…..this is an effort to remember what all I have seen and see on these pages, what all I remember !